Nexus 4 Vs. iPhone 5: Value Over Time Examined.

One thing that has plagued Android ever since its inception is the value the phone holds after a duration of time. However, there are one line of phones that consistently hold their value even a year after they have been on the market. Let us take a step back and examine the Google Nexus line of phones.

When thinking of a phone that retains its value, everyone instantly thinks the iPhone. Well I am here today to tell you this doesn’t hold up.

Nexus 4


When the Nexus 4 was launched in November 2012 the phone was launched in two models. First model, 8GB at $299 and 16GB at $349. This is one of the few phones that have ever been released under the “normal” MSRP of $649.99. This phone was supposed to be a cheaply subsidized phone for hardcore android enthusiasts. What it turned into? A low budget powerhouse for anyone who wanted a phone off contract. Up until November when the Nexus 5 Launched users where still able to sell their phones for $249 and that meant they would pretty much sell the phone back at the same price they bought it. Lets see if iPhones can do this still.

iPhone 5


When the iPhone 5 launched in September of 2012 the phone was launched in 3 different models. 16GB for $649.99, 32GB for $749.99, and 64GB for $849.99. This phone is a standard example of the $649.99 MSRP price. This phone was the sixth generation iPhone. Most of the iPhones that are being sold in the model above are either 32GB or 64GB*. That’s almost half of the value lost of a phone that was launched at almost identical times and has a successor already on the market!

*All statistical data was provided from Swappa on 2/13/2014